Metallica member James Hetfield's life is caught in tape coming soon to DVD.

Metallica, an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California, is going to make history but not with the song. This time this is with a film. The film is made featuring the life of One of the member James Hetfield. The film is coming to DVD  on September 5, 2011, 

This is an award-winning documentary, named “Absent,” which studies the effects of absent fathers and the negative effect the ‘father wound’ leaves on society. In the film, reports Rockville Music Magazine, Metallica frontman James Hetfield recalls his personal struggles when his father, Virgil Hetfield, abandoned the family when James was 13.

Virgil Hetfield attempted to reconnect with James later in his life and was filmed in a brief interview for 1992's “Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica,” a two part documentary about the making of the “Metallica” (or “Black”) album.

During Hetfield's on-camera interview for “Absent,” James unearths the emotional undertakings he faced while trying to re-establish a relationship with his father. "It feels so weird saying this but, I really tried to get close with him again, get back together. . . but it was never close, very surface-y."
"My father left without saying goodbye," Hetfield says in the film. "He left a note, and it wasn't even to me."
The DVD release will contain the full-length documentary — including extensive interview footage with Hetfield — with bonus features such as the question-and-answer sessions Hetfield and filmmaker Justin Hunt took part in at the San Rafael and Mesa screenings of the movie. Also included is Hetfield and Hunt March 30, 2011 appearance on the Fox News channel program "Fox & Friends," and a special announcement boxer Johnny Tapia made at the world premiere screening of "Absent".  The band itself is scheduled to rock and role India in October 28, 2011. So the documentary will certainly mentally rock the member too.

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