Tatum Beatrice O'Neal, 47, reveals her past in new memoir named "Found: A Daughter's Journey Home" on June 21, 2011.

The youngest (at the age of only 10) Academy Award winner Tatum Beatrice O'Neal, 47, is going to bring out her new memoir named "Found: A Daughter's Journey Home" on June 21, 2011. It's a follow-up memoir to her 2004 book "A Paper Life." She wishes America good morning about her new book and about a series "The O'Neals: Ryan and Tatum" she is doing with her father.

In "Found", Tatum relates us with her early childhood abuse at the hands of her mother and her mother's boyfriend. Her father Ryan O'Neal, 70 years old actor (1960-Present), relieved her from all this by dragging her to the film "Paper Moon" which brought her the Oscar at a very tender age.

Tatum O'Neal winning Oscar at in 1973
However after she hits, her relationship with Ryan became weak and she became reckless. This is evident in her marriage to tennis player John McEnroe at just 22 (in 1986). By 31, they had three kids (Kevin McEnroe, Sean McEnroe, Emily McEnroe),were divorced in 1994 and O'Neal became addicted to heroin. The drug use continued until O'Neal eventually landed in jail in 2008 as she was caught red handed with two bags of cocaine. She has since been doing the cleansing  and and then with her father doing a new documentary series on OWN, "The O'Neals: Ryan and Tatum."

Tatum says of the new show, "I sort of took a journey with my dad with this show to see what would happen. It didn't necessarily -- make us together. It didn't necessarily push us to this happy ending."
"This is about forgiveness...this is about trying to shut a door and open another one. I don't know if it's going to work. It may or it may not, but I'm going to try," she added.
Tatum O'Neal reuniting with father Ryan O'Neal

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