LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibirian busy schedule after marriage and honeymoon.

LeAnn, the country singer-songwriter, actress and author, and her husband, a 37 years old actor are now very much busy with their music and TV shows, the things not so sweet as their honeymoon after April marriage. But this wasn't the original plan when the couple planned their wedding. Instead, they anticipated a work-free month, says Rimes. Rimes and the Sugarland members, Jennifer Nettles (lead vocals) and Kristian Bush (background vocals, lead vocals,mandolin, acoustic guitar, and harmonica) presented an acoustic concert on June 5, 2011 in Jacksonville,Fla. and the program will be hosted by Rimes husband actor Eddie Cibirian. Of course this program was for a humanitarian cause- for fund raising for the hurricane affected area.
The pair met on the set of television movie Northern Lights and were married at a private home in California after becoming engaged at Christmas. LeAnn is now working on a new album 'Lady & Gentleman' and a brand new version 'Blue' while Eddie is returning to TV with an NBC pilot for The Playboy Club series. The songstress says the couple are adjusting to post-honeymoon life whilst juggling busy work schedules.

"We got married on a Saturday, and I left on a Tuesday to go start filming," says Rimes. "So we kind of jumped right into work." "We both have a lot going on. We've got a lot to juggle!" she told People. "It's kind of cool to see both of our careers be on the upswing at the same time. We'll have years where we don't have as much to juggle, and we'll have years like this when it's kind of crazy … But things are good, and we're very, very happy."

The two are "learning to roll with it" by visiting each other on weekends, for example, the two recently passed time together  getting out of Dodge for Cibrian's birthday ( Cibirian turned 38 on June 16).

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