Britney Spears, in search of a Homeless Fan looking for new CD.

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Britney Spears is using Twitter to trace out for her a special fan. Throughout the weekend, this popstar asked her Twitter friends and followers to help her find out one of her biggest supporters.

"If anyone can find this gentleman I've got a package with my entire catalog with his name on it...." she wrote, posting a picture of the homeless fan who is trying to connect with the singer. In the tweeted photo of the man, he is holding a sign that reads, "Need to get new Britney Spears CD, anything will help, God bless." While further information about the man, his location or now Spears learned about him were not posted on Twitter, Spears is currently on the road in Europe with her "Femme Fatale" tour while the search continues. As of press time, no additional information about the search had been updated.

Spears is the latest pop star to use the social networking site to try and connect with her fans. Just last week, Justin Bieber went on a similar search while on his My World tour in South America and Mexico. When he caught wind of a news report featuring a fan crying about not being able to see the star, he tweeted, "need everyone's help. we have LESS than 24 hours. we need to find this girl..she is at the 30 sec mark. HELP! Thanks."

The fan will certainly be a happy one to hear this.

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