Arnold Scharzenegger commissioned three bronze statues as remembrances of Mr Olympia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Mr Universe, seven times Mr Olympia (1970–1975, 1980) and ex-republican governor of California (38th 2003–2011), commissions three oversized (almost 9 feet) bronze statues of himself. The TW Bronze of enterprise, Tim Park of Oregon-based sculpture studio, has done two of the three 2.5 metre and 263kg statues. StarPulse reported that the statues are the reproduction of the appearance in his days of competitive bodybuilder.

There is a smaller sculpture with him created in 1980, the year he won his seventh Mr Olympia title and the three statues are the bigger version of that specific one. The "Terminator" star is considering the statues as the display of something that he is still proud of after the separation from his wife Maria Shriver, an affair with a maid Mildred Baena and a allegation of abusing state fund.

The first one of the three will be sent to Austria in the museum dedicated to his life at his childhood home in Thal. The second one will be sent to Columbus, Ohio, where Arnold fitness Weekend is held annually. The program is used to be inspired by this 64 year-old superstar. The third one will be kept by him.

Timothy Parks, owner of TW Bronze of Enterprise said that one of the statues has already sent to Austria and the other on the way to Ohio, "One of them is for Columbus, and I think the plan is to have it there for the next Arnold [Sports Festival]." Schwarzenegger actually has a plan to make seven staues equelling the number of times he won Mr Olympia. So wait for the next Four.

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Jessica Chastain starring with Tom Cruise in a Science-Fic movie.

"The Help" actress Jessica Chastain has been invited the to play the female lead opposite role to Tom Cruise in Universal's untitled science fiction project "Oblivion and Horizons." The new fild is going to be directed by Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski. Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark will produce through Chernin Entertainment with Barry Levine. 

The Oblivion and Horizons is a love story taking place in an apocalyptic future where most of the population lives in clouds since the Earth is no longer habitable. A Earthbound repairman whose job it is to work on drones that fight alien life forms meets a woman who forces him to question his world view.

In the film Chastain will play Cruise's lover and partner, who tethers him to the world above the clouds while he's doing repairwork. She becomes none-too-happy when she discovers he has fallen for anther woman. Jesse Berger and Dave Morrison are executive producing. Peter  Cramer and Sara Scott are overseeing the project for the  studio. Chastain has been on a tear since nabbing the role of Brad Pitt’s wife in Terrence Mallick’s "The Tree of Life." On top of being one of the standouts in DreamWorks’ hit drama "Help," Chastain has "Texas Killing Fields," with Sam Worthington and Chloe Moretz, and "The Wettest County," with Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy, in the can. This Holly Wood new comer has really been doing better. Otherwise the roles she is given in those big screen project are doubted to be accomplished successfully. what do you think?

Tom Cruise and Jessica Chastain in science fic "The Oblivion and Horizon"

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Amanda Knox compared her to Jessica Rabbit, an animated character.

Amanda Knox, the convict of killing Meredith Kerche, one of her flatmate, claimed that she is not she is like Jessic Rabbit, an animated character and the court is wrongly likening her to a femme fatale. According to, Jessica Rabbit is the voluptuous femme fatale in the 1988 feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, which was based loosely on Gary Wolf's 1981 book Who Censored Roger Rabbit? Jessica is the absurdly sexy wife of hapless hero Roger, and she's a constant temptation to detective Eddie Valiant.
Knox's representative Giulia Bongiorno, on the other side, accused her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito of this murder. He said in the court "Amanda Knox has been transformed into a Venus in furs, femme fatale, obsessed with decadent literature and sex. But, instead of the maneater she has been portrayed as, she is a faithful woman - the comparison would be Jessica Rabbit. Between these two youngsters there was tenderness, nothing else."

The comparison with Jessica Rabbit came as a reply to the lawyer of Patrick Lumuba,38, a Congolese barman and another convict who termed Knox as "She Devil" The lawyer called her, "diabolical, demonic, satanic she-devil ... obsessed with sex and alcohol ... muddy on the outside and dirty on the inside."

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Amitabh Bachhan debuts in Holly Wood big screen costared with Leonardo DiCaprio

Amitabh Bachchan is going to debut his career in Holly Wood and it is in Baz Luhrmann's forthcoming mega project "The Great Gatsby." Big B has not yet confirmed the news but if he has indeed signed the film the 68-year-old superstar will share screenspace with new-age Hollywood icons "Titanic" star Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire (as Nick Carraway) and new comer Elizabeth Debicki.

Leonardo plays the lead role of Jay Gatsby while Bachchan will reportedly play the role of Meyer Wofsheim in the Rs. 574 crore 3D adaptation of the cult novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The shooting of the film starts in Australia. The film will be distributed by Warner Bros and in certain territories by Village Roadshow Pictures.

Although Big B has neither tweeted about this development nor mentioned anything in his blog, the buzz is that he shall leave for Australia soon to shoot his portions for the film. This is the second time Bachchan has been offered a Hollywood project. A few years ago, he was all set to share screen space with Johnny Depp in Mira Nair's screen adaptation of Gregory David Roberts' novel Shantaram . But the film was shelved.

Right now, Big B is busy shooting for his hit television show "Kaun Banega Crorepati" and may fly down to Australia later this month. Warner Bros recently released the official synopsis of the film, in which protagonist Gatsby sets out to chase the great American Dream.

"Luhrmann will create his own distinctive visual interpretation of the classic story, bringing the period of life in a way that has never been seen before," the official release said.

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Amanda Knox was termed as a 'she-devil' by an Italian lawyer during her appeals trial in Italian court

Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox, 24, the American student convicted in Italy of murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher, is called a "she-devil" who got her kicks playing wicked sex games, by a lawyer on Monday September 26. The former University of Washington student, who is appealing her conviction, was slammed by the lawyer for a bar owner she had falsely accused of knifing her 21 year-old roommate, Reuters reported.

"Amanda is one thing and another - that is, both Saint Maria Goretti and a satanic, diabolic she-devil given to borderline behavior," Carlo Pacelli told the court. Saint Maria Goretti is the patron saint of youth, young women, purity and rape victims. Knox and her Italian ex-flame, Raffaele Sollecito, are appealing their 2009 convictions for the murder of Kercher - a crime prosecutors have characterized as a sex game gone terribly wrong.

When Knox was interrogated by Italian police, she pointed the finger at bar owner Patrick Lumumba, but she later recanted, saying police pressured her into making the false claim.
Lumumba successfully sued for slander. His lawyer told the court Knox ruined his client's life. The lawyer urged the court to see her not as the subdued convict she is now but the person she was at the time of the killing - a deceitful hellion who cared only about sex, drugs and alcohol, Reuters reported.

"We're not talking about the girl you're seeing today, who has been through four straight years of prison," he said. "Amanda Knox loved strong emotions and dangerous games. If she had no reason to lie, why did she lie?" Knox has said she was confused and scared after police collared her. She was sentenced to 26 years in prison; Sollecito got hit with a 25-year hitch. Prosecutors are now seeking to put the one-time lovebirds in prison for life if their convictions are upheld. A decision is expected early next month.

Madison Paxton, a college friend of Knox's who moved to Italy to be close to her friend, said Knox is very anxious over her undecided legal fate and can't sleep or eat. "In these days coming towards the end, finding very peaceful moments is hard for her," Paxton told The Associated Press. "Her sleep is very disturbed, her eating is very disturbed." A third man, drifter Rudy Hermann Guede, was also convicted in Kercher's murder. His sentence of 16 years was upheld by Italy's highest court.

The murder of Meredith Kercher occurred in Perugia, Italy, on 1 November 2007. Kercher, aged 21 at the time of her death, was a British university exchange student from Coulsdon, South London. She shared an upstairs flat with three other young women. She was sexually assaulted and stabbed, and all her valuable properties were stolen. Sollecito, an Italian student, Rudy Guede, a resident of Perugia and another roommate of the victim were also convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering Kercher.

Meredith Kercher, Rudy Guede, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito

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Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux buy $450,000 painting at Haiti benefit auction

Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux
at Haiti Charity Auction
Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux attended Christie's "Artists for Haiti" auction in New York on Friday night September 23 and did the bidding and won a spendy  charcoal and graphite abstract painting of artist Glenn Ligon's 6-foot oil, charcoal and graphite abstract painting, "Stranger #44" for a whopping $450,000, according to 

The Artists donated their work for the "Artists for Haiti" auction, which was co-organized by Ben Stiller and raised $13,662,000 for the organization which benefits health and education in Haiti. US Megazine wrote After Theroux did the bidding on the  painting and winning, Aniston clapped enthusiastically. With the painting valued at just $150,000 to $200,000, the purchase was also a hefty donation.

Ben Stiller’s Stiller Foundation, in partnership with Zwirner, organized the fundraiser to help the people of Haiti. Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn and others joined Stiller and friends at Almond restaurant for the benefit dinner, raising $14 million for the cause, according to Reuters.

Artists Jeff Koons, Jasper Johns and Chuck Close teamed up for the Artists for Haiti event, many creating pieces specifically for the auction. Marlene Dumas’ “My mother before she became my mother” was the top seller at $2 million.

Aniston, 42, and Theroux, 39, have been romantically linked since May. They are now living in a two-bedroom Hollywood Hills rental house since August 1, but they looking for a perfect home to live in permanently.

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Christina Milian's birthday Celebration and advice to the moms.

Milian at her 30th birthday party
American recording artist, actress, dancer and model Christine MariĆ© Flores better known as Christina Milian celebrates her 30th birthday quite a few days ago on Thursday night September 22, 2011 at Meatpacking’s Beaumarchais restaurant in New York City. He was born on September 26, 1981 in Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S. The birthday girl looked beautiful wearing a black with nude trimming Betsey Johnson dress and nude pumps as she partied and popped bottles of Hypnotiq with family and friends including 106 & Park’s Rosci and Maxwell.

While there, she briefly spoke about the biggest lesson she learned in her twenties. She said, "I’m a little bit more blunt and I’m a little less naive when it comes to love. I think love has been my biggest lesson in my twenties and also just learning how to be myself and grow into my own shell without having to try and rebel, you can do it in a way different manner. Communication is everything so I learned how to communicate really well now that I’ve ended my twenties and gone into my thirties."

at a ‘Pampers’ party in New York
She is a mother of 18 month-old-daughter named Violet by her husband Terius Youngdell Nash better known by his stage name The-Dream. She has been reflecting on motherhood at a ‘Pampers’ party in New York, where Milian talked to Bet, providing style advice to other moms and moms-to-be and revealing that she’d like more kids. She says,"It’s important I think for a mom who has babies to still get dressed up every day; you feel good and it pushes you forward as a mom. It’s hard and I know you’re tired, but at some point it’s great to put the makekup on again, put on the heels."

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Ashley Judd plays the role of single mother in new film 'Dolphin Tale'

American television and film actress and active humanitarian Ashley Judd stars as a single mother in the new film Dolphin Tale. This "De-Lovely," "HIgh Crimes," "Helen" and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood actress Judd's character Lorraine Nelson "couldn't be nicer" but her son "Sawyer is failing in school, has no friends and spends every second he can toying with stuff in his dad's abandoned workshop," writes THR 's Todd McCarthy. The boy's dad left the family, and his son mopes around in a funk until a wounded dolphin gives him purpose.

As for Judd, 43, she and co-stars Harry Connick Jr., Morgan Freeman and Kris Kristofferen "all have been in better things, and should be again, but they’re certainly pleasant additions to the goings-on here," writes  the New Jersey Star-Ledger. The cast is singled out  by the Los Angeles Times for acting that "has a nice, low-pressure vibe, in contrast to the film's high-pressure peril." Likewise, Big Hollywood notes  that the supporting cast "are genuine, though not likely to win any awards like Sandra Bullock from Alcon Entertainment’s hit The Blind Side." (Dolphin Tale is also from Alcon Entertainment).

Roger Ebert predicts  that the characters of Sawyer's mom and Hazel's dad (played by Judd and Connick), "both heading single-parent families, seem destined for romance, but perhaps that's being reserved for the inevitable sequel." He adds that director Charles Martin Smith, guides the "good cast with a firm hand." Judd and Connick previously worked together in the 2006 psychodrama "Bug".

Besides Dolphin Tale, Judd's other 2011 projects include Flypaper in the role of Kaitlin, with Patrick Dempsey and The Help's Octavia Spencer and the TV movie Missing, with Sean Bean and Keith Carradine. She is also working for humanitarian and political causes and his causes include two missions to the Democratic Republic of Congo to campaign against sexual violence against women. This is of course a praiseworthy and gives her lots of experiences in her career.
Ashley Judd and her Co stars in "Dolphin Tale"

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Lady Gaga being concerned, wants to meet with Obama over bullying

Lady Gaga tweeted her sadness on Wednesday about the suicide death threat of a 14-year-old New York boy who had complained in an online video about being bullied over his sexuality. Lady Gaga wants to meet with President Barack Obama to talk about her concerns over bullying. The pop singer tweeted to her 13.7 million followers: "I am meeting with our President. I will not stop fighting. This must end."

A Democratic official said Gaga plans to attend an Obama fundraiser next week on the West Coast but no private meeting has been scheduled. The official spoke on condition of anonymity and was not authorized to speak publicly about the fundraiser.

In videos, Jamey Rodemeyer described being taunted in his school hallways and receiving hateful messages online before his suicide death Sunday outside his home in Williamsville, N.Y. The video was part of the "It Gets Better Project," which is meant to give hope to gay teens.

In his blog, Rodemeyer referred to himself as gay and made frequent references to suicide and to his idol, Lady Gaga, who often sings about acceptance of gays and lesbians. Rodemeyer's parents said the boy had been bullied for years but appeared to be doing better since beginning high school a few weeks ago.

Police are investigating whether criminal charges should be filed in the case. New York state doesn't have an anti-bullying law but authorities have said bullies could be charged with harassment or aggravated harassment.

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Halle Berry suffers a leg injury during a day off in between the filming "Cloud Atlas" in Spain

Halle Berry was photographed boarding a private plane in Palma de Mallorca, Spain on Thursday stepping out of a car and made her way into an airport. She supported her  on a pair of crutches, with a cast on her right leg. The day before, the stunning Oscar winner, 45, was also seen in a wheelchair.

She had been  in Spain shooting her latest project, Cloud Atlas, and apparently broke her right leg during a day off. Production on the film has been reportedly adjusted to accommodate Halle's injury and costars Tom Hanks, Jim Sturgess, and Hugh Grant will continue shooting new scenes.

The mom to Nahla, 3, was snapped rocking a sexy 70s look on set for the flick, based on author David Mitchell's acclaimed, experimental novel of the same name. "Cloud Atlas" also stars Hugo Weaving and Susan Sarandon.

More Images:

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The 5 most dominating, expected and sexiest Perfumes that attract the women throughout the world.

P: 1
Lolita Lempicka
Most unusual perfume of the year 2011
Lolita Lempicka is one perfume that you can "feel" through its luxurious packing. Through the way the golden leaves gently lay upon it, to a finely detailed bottle that almost seems like artwork, it is easy to grasp the amount of work that has been put into this unique product.

P: 2
Eternity by CK
The overall winner of the contest
Eternity by CK is the classic perfume proves once again that some scents remain relevant and dominant throughout the years. This fragrance is of such high quality that this one has grabbed the rankings for 2011.

P: 3
Alfred Sung
Most feminine 2011
Alfred Sung for women is a superb perfume that was chosen by as the fragrance of the month, and that is for several very good reasons. It has a delicate, comfortable scent that wraps you around it. It contains flowers, green florals, musk and woody notes - a great combination.

P: 4
Miss dior
Women's sexiest fragrance 2011
The year is 2011 and this fragrance still dominates the market. It started off in the 40s and it's still a powerful, relevant and fresh. It is very tasteful and such an immortal scent should have the #1 spot in your list reserved for. This is a 1940's perfume that still makes every women that wears it feel sexy. Quite a feat, I would say.

P: 5
Tommy Girl ?!
Cheap and surprising
In spite of its cheap price, for us this is the best casual perfume for 2011. It's a cologne, really, but the quality is Eau da parfum-like. Simple, cheap and smells so nicely. Even Luca Turin has given it 5 stars - a rare grade from a world-famous perfume expert. Crisp, Fresh, Flowery and fruity. Not for everyone as this perfume is a little unusual but surprisingly good. 

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Julianna Margulies won the Emmy 2011 for best dramatic actress: dresses like space robot

American actress and producer Margulies, 45, got Emmy Award 2911 for best dramatic actress. In "The Good Wife" she plays the conflicted spouse of a disgraced district attorney. For this CBS legal series (2009-present) the actress already has a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild trophy for her performance as the sometimes dutiful, sometimes resentful wife who goes back to work as a lawyer while her husband rebuilds his political career.

She says, "It's exciting, but there's a little anxiety that goes along with it, until you get inside." For this show she also won Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series (2010–11) and Television Critics Association Award for Individual Achievement in Drama (2010). It was a second Emmy for Margulies, who won in 1995 for her role as nurse Carol Hathaway in the long-running TV hospital series "ER," and was seen as a clear favorite this time around.

In the award ceremony the exception with Julianna Margulies was her dress. Online critics were quick to compare "The Good Wife" star's white Armani Prive gown to a multitude of inanimate objects ranging from a space robot to a lamp shade to NYC's Guggenheim museum. As Julianna Margulies' acceptance speech during Sunday night's Emmy Awards brought on cheers from the audience, her dress drew in jeers from onlookers.

"I did find the dress last night at 9 p.m. [It was] not good," she revealed. "It was a big day yesterday but we made it and now we're having a good time," she added.

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Melissa McCarthy wins Emmy 2011 for leading comedy actress

Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy won her first Emmy and a glitzy prom queen's crown for leading role as actress in a comedy series on Sunday for her role as Molly Flynn on the CBS hit "Mike & Molly." This 41 year-old American actress and comedienne played the role of Sookie St. James on the WB series "Gilmore Girls" from 2001-07 and Deana on the 2007-09 ABC comedy "Samatha Who?" Jim Parsons of "The Big Bang Theory" earned his second Emmy trophy in the best actor category. The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards are being handed out at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, and the show is being televised live on Fox TV.

She won many more fans earlier this year as the outrageous, man-crazy Megan in the box-office smash "Bridesmaids," earning a Teen Choice Award nomination for best Scene Stealer Female. "Holy smokes. Wow, it's my first and best pageant ever," said a beaming McCarthy. "I'm from Plainfield, Ill., and I'm standing here and it's kind of amazing."

Her new film "This is Forty" and "ID Theft" in 2012 and "Untitled Melissa McCarthy Project" in 2013 are going to hit the screen. Hopefully more Emmy are waiting for her in those years.

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Victor Ortiz accused against Floyed Mayweather Jr of blindsiding him

Mexican descent American professional boxer and the former WBC World Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz turned his WBC welterweight title bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr into a "street fight" on Saturday, September 17 but paid a heavy price when he woke up on the canvas after being controversially knocked out.

In a tumultuous fourth round, champion Ortiz head-butted the challenger and referee Joe Cortez immediately called time and deducted a point. Acknowledging the foul, Ortiz hugged Mayweather apologetically before kissing him on the cheek and the two fighters touched gloves. Ortiz had his hands down when Mayweather landed a left hook followed by a straight and unsettled and put out Ortiz. But Ortiz took it as a part and parcel of boxing.

"I was called to break by the referee and I obeyed exactly as I was told," Ortiz said after losing his title. "And then, boom, he blindsided me" Ortiz slipped to 29-3-2 with the loss. "The ref said something. I looked up and he just caught me. I was like: 'Wow', and I woke up after. It happens. It's part of the game." Ortiz admitted the head-butt was a big mistake and conceded the controversial ending was deserved. "I apologised to him after the fight as well," said Ortiz. "It was in the heat of the moment. In a sense, it was a payback."

Mayweather, who extended his perfect professional record to 42-0 with 26 knockouts, said he had done nothing illegal and it was Ortiz who had been guilty of dirty tactics. "We came together, we touched and it's fight time from what I know," the 34-year-old said. "He wanted to do me dirty and then two minutes later he wanted to be friends."

Ortiz fought Andre Berto for the WBC welterweight title on April 16, 2011 at the Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket. Hailed as the early pick for the fight of the year Ortiz won the fight by unanimous decision over Berto. Ortiz lost his title by the knockout in this controversial ending of the match with Floyed Mayweather Jr who is ten year older than Ortiz. Victor Ortiz agreed to fight with Mayweather and it was announced by Mayweather via twitter on June 7 this year.

Ortiz knocked down by Mayweather

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Demi Lovato thanks her fans for supporting her and assures them to help if they face any rehab problem.

Demi Lovato at
New York's Hammerstein ballroom

Mitchie Torres of Disney Channel Original Movie "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam," singer Demi Lovato thanked her fans for supporting her during and after her rehab life and assured them to assist them if they face the same situation.

"A year ago today ... I was not in a good place," the 19-year-old said at her concert on September 17 night at New York's Hammerstein ballroom, just days ahead of the release of third album, "Unbroken." "I needed help and I want anybody in this audience to know that if you're struggling with one of the issues that I dealt with or a different issue, that you can get help, that you can recover and it's possible if you just tell someone."

Lovato entered a treatment facility for three months last year to deal with "emotional and physical issues." The singer-actress said as an 8-year-old who faced bullying she had an eating disorder and later started cutting her wrists to vent her despair.

"They're so many beautiful girls in this audience that don't know that they're beautiful, but they just are," she said. "So I want to thank you guys for being there for me every single day I was away. I wouldn't be here without you guys today." Lovato was saying this few words in the middle of her latest song, "Skyscraper." 

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Will Smith and Marc Anthony enjoyed a Game proving the Will Jada split false.

The story that Will Smith and Marc Anthony were seen watching a football game together proving that they were fighting over the same woman. Jada Pinkett Smith has been recently rumoured to split with Will Smith, her husband, and build a relationship with Mark Anthony.

Will and Anthony bonding over in the football game has proven that rumor false. On September 12, they watched the Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots match together from their VIP box. 

Turns out there is more to show. As Mark is a part-owner of the Dolphins, he invited Will and Dwyane Wade to share his luxury box and enjoy the game. They threw their arms around each other, made peace signs and smiled to the camera but Dwayne said after the game that the two's friendship is genuine. 

On the other hand Marc Anthony has just split from her wife Jennifer Lopez and that is why the rumor got credibility but reality proves otherwise.

»

Olivia Wilde attended Ralph Lauren show, special and a red carpet inspiration for her.

Olivia Wilde at Ralph Lauren show

American actress and fashion model Olivia Wilde is passing a busy time recently. She, as she says, jetted from Kenya to Toronto, where she was promoting a new film. Then she made her way to New York for fashion week, where she only attended Ralph Lauren show.  she was filming a documentary in Kenya. "I'm really happy I made it because it was a very special show," Wilde said Thursday after watching Ralph Lauren's spring-summer collection come alive on the catwalk.

The 27-year-old sat on the front row and said it gave her a chance to find some inspiration for the red carpet. "There were so many red carpet pieces," she smiled. "It felt very ethereal and elegant and very modern woman, at the same time having a very classic, Gatsby feel."

The "Tron: Legacy" and "Cowboys & Aliens" actress eyed Lauren's robin egg-blue georgette dress with beading on one hip. On the front row, she rocked an all-black ensemble highlighted by a diamond cutaway at the chest, explaining: "I saw it and was like, 'That's what I want to wear.' For me it feels like something I would wear around New York." We are going to see her appear in several films this year and the years to come.
More: Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde launch campaign as brand ambassadors for Ravlon. 
          Emma Stone, beautiful and worth to marry, posted a video message by Jim Carrey.
  • "In Time" in this year.
  • "Butter" this year.
  • "On the Inside" this year.
  • "Blackbird" 2012.
  • "Welcome to People" in 2012.
  • "The Words" in 2013.
Ralph Lauren  Fashion show

»

Scarlett Johansson went to FBI to object against the hacker of her naked photos

Celebrities have always been the target of the hackers for stealing secrets of their personal life and many more. And for that they have hacked and still hacking their email accounts and smart phones in search of dirts. This time their target is American actress and singer Scarlett Johansson. The The Horse Whisperer, Ghost World, The Prastige and Iron Man 2 star iswrapped up in a nude photo scandal. The somewhat fuzzy photos posted Wednesday on BuzzFeed are of a woman who appears to be Johansson, taking iPhone pictures of her own bare backside and breasts.

The 26 year old has reportedly contacted the FBI after the publication of those naked pictures on a popular viral-media website. "The FBI is aware of the alleged hacking incident and is looking into it," an FBI official told Fox News. Sources told TMZ that the FBI would be contacted over what the ScarJo camp believed to be a criminal act.

BuzzFeed poster Donna D. noted, "I spent more time than is probably healthy trying to figure out if these are legit. ... Call me skeptical but gifts like this don't just fall out of the sky. Then again, her iPhone was hacked in March with rumors of nude photos to be forthcoming."

Few weeks ago Vanessa Hudgens had been a victim of the alleged hacking ring target, with nude pictures said to have been hacked from her Gmail account also showing up online. According to TMZ, Hudgens met with law-enforcement authorities in March regarding the investigation.

»

Leila Lopes, the Miss Universe 2011 defeating 88 costestants in 60th anniversay of The Miss Universe pageant.

Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes best known as Leila Lopes from Angola has won the crown of Miss Universe 2011 held on September 12, at Credicard Hall,  Sao Paolo, Brazil. This 25 year-old Miss Angola was crowned by Miss Universe 2010 from Mexico Ximena Navarrete. She snatched the title defeating 88 more contestants. She is the first Miss Universe from her country though more other Miss Angolas participated in the past. She laughed and smiled as she hugged runner-up Miss Ukraine, Olesia Stefanko, before having her crown firmly placed on her head as 60th Miss Universe.

The business student from Angola’s seaside city of Beguela, dazzled the panel of judges with both her beauty and brains. When asked earlier in the costest what she might change about her physical characteristics, Leila replied that she was satisfied with who she was. "Thank God I'm very satisfied with the way God created me and I wouldn't change a thing. I consider myself a woman endowed with inner beauty," she told the judges and the audience. She also added, "I have acquired many wonderful principles from my family, and I plan to follow those through the rest of my life."

After displaying her body in bright yellow bikini to millions of fans watching the pageant on TV around the world, Lopes paraded around the stage with poise in a form-fitting gold and silver sequinned evening gown. She expresses her wish to work with children and AIDS affected people. she also said about her religious belief, saying: “The first person that I love is God.”  She further expresses that she will not marry such person if she has to change her religious beliefs by marrying him.
Lopes with gold and silver studded gown

Lopes With bikini body that brings her a handsome point.

»

Portia de Rossi is going to work in a New NBC Comedy Produced By Ellen DeGeneres

Portia de Rossi, an Australian actress and Ellen DeGeneres, judge of American Idol ninth season on FOX, is going so work together in a new Comedy. For that they signed an agreement with NBC recently. Ellen, 53, will be producing this new comedy for NBC, and it will be starring her own wife, Portia de Rossi, 38. The sitcom, is said to be about sisters with a contentious relationship, and Portia de Rossi will be playing one of the sisters. Ellen DeGeneres will not be playing the other sister, but rather producing the series.

According to, there was a bidding war for the new series, but eventually NBC was able to nab it. Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres will team up with writer Don Todd, the co-creator of “Samantha Who?” Portia de Rossi has previously starred in ABC’s “Better Off Ted,” “Arrested Development,” but her best known role was playing lawyer Nelle Porter on the series “Ally McBeal.” Their new work will certainly be a successful one and will bring them name and fame.
Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres after the marriage August 2008

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