American veteran boxing promoter Don King reaches 80 celebrates early night.

American veteran boxing promoter  Don King reaches 80 today on August 20. He celebrates the day with his media relation officer Alan Hopper going out for dinner and they have had cake last night. Hopper says, “Don has been like, ‘tell the media that I’m working.’ So, you know, his celebration is to work. We’ve gone out to dinner. We even got him a little cake last night. So it’s been an absolute celebration this entire week. But most of all, he’s just been working.”

This stylish boxer (popular for his wild hair style) was born on in 1931 in cleveland, Ohio, USA. He entered the boxing in 1972. He is a promoter with great heart as she fought many matches just for the cause of charity. He  and Muhammad Ali, for example, fought for a local Cleveland hospital.

In his life he fought more than 500 world championship fights with many of the greatest boxers ever. He also promoted several renowned boxers in his later two decades. The boxers include Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Julio César Chávez, Aaron Pryor, Bernard Hopkins, Ricardo Lopez, Félix Trinidad, Terry Norris, Carlos Zarate, Azumah Nelson, Andrzej Gołota, Mike McCallum, Gerald McClellan, Meldrick Taylor, Marco Antonio Barrera and Ricardo Mayorga etc. He becomes the boxing Hall of Fame in 1997. He is the only promoter to get into the Sports Illustrated's list of the "40 Most Influential Sports Figures of the Past 40 Years."

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