Patrick Dempsey Helps Rescue Teen From Overturned Vehicle

Grey's Anatomy brilliant Patrick Dempsey channeled his close Dr. McDreamy this anniversary back he helped accomplishment a jailbait who careened off the alley and chaotic his car absolutely abreast the actor's acreage in Malibu, Calif.

The car had formed again and was totaled.

Patrick Dempsey Helps Rescue Teen From Overturned Vehicle » Gossip/Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey

Dempsey reportedly ran against the car with crowbar in duke so he could pry the disciplinarian out of the ashore Mustang, and was successful.

A acquaintance alleged 911 and the badge came, with paramedics alleviative the blast victim for a concussion, and stunningly annihilation worse.

Patrick, of course, never mentioned any of this. No chat who the kid who comatose is, but Shawn Ryan, the architect of The Shield, tweeted:

"True Story: Grey's Anatomy amateur Patrick Dempsey pulled my friend's son out of an chaotic car afterwards bad blow on Tuesday. #GoodDude"

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Celebs to Jessica Simpson: Where is the Baby?

Jessica Simpson has been abundant for so long, and is so enormous, adolescent stars are on pins and all-overs apprehensive area that behemothic babyish babe is.

Maybe it's the ceaseless Jessica Simpson quotes apropos her abundance that accept slowed. Maybe it's the rumor that she already gave bearing (false).

Whatever the reason, some inquiring minds absolutely appetite to apperceive on Twitter.

"Has Jessica Simpson had that babyish yet?! I'm anxious," Katy Perry wrote.

Celebs to Jessica Simpson: Where is the Baby?! » Gossip/Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

Chelsea Handler was cerebration the aforementioned thing. "How has jessica simpson still not accustomed bearing to this baby? I'm accepting frightened," she wrote.

So are we. Simpson, who is still pregnant, appear her abundance on Halloween, six abounding months ago, able-bodied afterwards tabloids got wind of it.

It's got to be due any minute now. Whenever little Maxi arrives, you can apprehend the fiancee of Eric Johnson to Tweet ceaseless updates.

Seriously. This is a 31-year-old woman who has mused about her "swamp ass" and "the big O" of abundant sex. There's no such affair as TMI.

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