Jose Canseco has got a restraining order from court as a result suit by his ex-girlfriend Leila Shennib.

Jose Canseco, the 46 years old former Major League Baseball outfielder and designated hitter and current manager/designated hitter/first baseman for the Yuma (Ariz.) Scorpions of the North American League and former bash brother has got a restraining order from court as a result of a case filed by her ex girl friend, a bikini and fitness model Leila Shennib.
They both dated last year and broke up six months ago. Filing the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on July 27, she told the Daily News Monday that Canseco's harassment of her is extensive, and goes beyond to say "There's a lot."

According to the restraining order filed on July 21 with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Shennib requested her mother be protected under the order as well and asked that Canseco stay away from her home, vehicle and workplace.

Canseco recently shared a tirade of messages on Twitter and Facebook about his ex, all of which she says are lies. But Shennib told in an exclusive interview,  “I broke up with him six months ago and he’s been harassing me and threatening me ever since.” 
“One day he’s proposing to me and sending me flowers and teddy bears, and the next day he’s slamming me on Twitter, putting my phone number up there and saying hurtful things.”

Recently Canseco terms Shennib as a "man eater," and implies that she is a drug user. He also adds that he detests women who try to attach themselves to famous people for money or fame.

A court hearing is scheduled for August 11 to determine whether or not a permanent restraining order will be granted. It he doesn't appear before court a "defamation action" would be taken against him-Shennib's attorney, Alexander Petale said.

This are all nightmares for them

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