Dabbie Harry will not stop singing

Dabbie Harry in her Youth
Dabbie Harry as strong as ever:

Debbie Harry, The 65 years old American singer-songwriter and actress still going strong and as sweet as what she was famous for. This lead singer of the Punk Rock and frontwoman of new wave band Blondie has released her new album 'Panic of Girls.' In this album her voice is the proof that she still manages to hit the high notes she was famed for. In an interview she said that she is not willing to stop singing and she doesn't want to just perform her old hits. “I do my fair share of shouting, but we lower the key,” she joked.
Dabbie Harry, old in age not in action
“I’ve been practicing. I got to a point where I was interested in studying and learning how to do it as opposed to just fudging along. I do protect it [my voice].” That means we will have more new creation from her and it will certainly take her to a position worth following. "I guess I'm sort of a blabbermouth," she said. "I have things to say that lay on my mind. I think that's important." She added that she likes those people who embrace their life and give everything it needs rather than relying on others or something.

She said UK TV show Loose Women, “I think having faith is an important thing but I also think having faith in yourself is the ultimate. Throwing your faith away to something that may or may not exist is a lot of responsibility. Once you really take responsibility for your life and who you are that’s the ultimate and the best thing.”

As a solo artist she was successful and in the mid-1990s she performed and recorded as part of The Jazz Passengers. Her acting career includes thirty film roles and television appearance for many times. Debbie Harry, birth name Deborah Ann "Debbie" Harry was born in July 1, 1945 in Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

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