Jodie Foster never forgets good story


Jodie Foster always has passion for good work:
Jodie Foster, 48, full name Alicia Christian "Jodie" Foster, is of the habit of clinging to the story she love most. To this American actress, film director, producer as well as former child actress, movies are like love. Jodie Foster knows she is ready to take on a new movie when she feels like she has fallen in love.

The actress sometimes finds it hard to move on from the last project she’s worked on, especially when the subject was close to her heart.

"The Beaver" is the third in her producing career in which she is also staring with Mel Gibson. Perhaps the matter of Love comes because of this film in which she is enjoying and praised Mel Gibson as an actor. “I think you get affected by the subject of the last movie and how much blood went into it,” she told Total Film. “You’re ready when you’re ready. You know when you’re ready because you find something and you fall in love with it and you know you’re not ready when you can’t find anything to fall in love with...”
Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson at Cannes
Jodie also revealed that  Hollywood classics such as The Silence of the Lambs and Little Man Tateshe in which she starred made a pemanent impression in her mind and she found it the most difficult to get out of her head. "The Brave One," in which she plays Erica Bain, a woman who seeks revenge after having been brutally attacked, changed the 48-year-old actress as a person. “Of all the movies I’ve had a hard time casting off, The Brave One was the hardest to walk away from,” she said. “I think it switched a light bulb off in my head that made me evolve differently personally and then I just didn’t want to... go back.”

This famous actress was born in November 19, 1962 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She got a Bchelor's Degree (magna cum laude) from Yale University. She has been in film industry since 1966, something extraordinary as an actress. She has been honored with Doctor of Fine Art degree for her contribution to this field.

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