Zsa Zsa Gabor is in coma

Zsa Zsa Gabor is suffering deadly hazards:
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Zsa Zsa Gabor, the 94 years old Hungarian born American actress, is now passing a bad time, parhaps the time people fear most. She was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angels on May 17, 2011 and underwent an emergency stomach surgery as the feeding tube inserted into her stomach was bleeding. She "got into a little coma" early Wednesday, her husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt said.
The doctors released her from the same hospital a day earlier after being treated for pneumonia. Not only this she has been in and out of the hospital many times in the past year. She underwent hip replacement surgery last summer and a partial leg amputation in January after she suffered a gangrene infection. She has been unable to walk since a 2002 car accident. Like every time the doctors are working very hard to get her health back again.

This platinum-blonde actress known for her flamboyant lifestyle, legal troubles and multiple(9) marriages was born on February 6, 1917. She has been equally expert on stage, film and television. She acted on stage in Vienna, Austria, in 1932, and was crowned Miss Hungary in 1936.She emigrated to the United States in 1941 and became a sought-after actress with "European flair and style", with a personality that "exuded charm and grace". Her first movie role was as supporting actress in 'Lovely to Look At'. She later acted in 'We're Not Married!' and played one of her few leading roles in 'Moulin Rouge (1952)', directed by John Huston, who described her as a "creditable" actress.
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Gabor's Hollywood career has also included a dozen films and TV series, such as John Huston's 1952 "Moulin Rouge" and the 1958 film noir "Touch of Evil" by Orson Welles. She also lent her voice to several animated films and TV series. Her famous dialogue is "Men have always liked me and I have always liked men. But I like a mannish man, a man who knows how to talk to and treat a woman—not just a man with muscles."
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Zsa Zsa Gabor in brief:
Name                Sári Gábor (native form)
Born                  February 6, 1917 (age 94)
                         Budapest, Austria-Hungary (present-day Budapest, Hungary)
Nationality         Hungarian American
Ethnicity            Hungarian
Parents             Vilmos Gabor and Jolie Gabor
Years active     1936–1997
Spouse             1. Burhan Asaf Belge (1937–1941; divorced)
                        2. Conrad Hilton (A hotel magnate, 1942–1946; divorced)
                        3. George Sanders (Actor, 1949–1954; divorced)
                        4. Herbert Hutner (1962–66; divorced)
                        5. Joshua S. Cosden, Jr. (1966–1967; divorced)
                        6. Jack Ryan (1975–1976; divorced)
                        7. Michael O'Hara (1976–1983; divorced)
                        8. Felipe de Alba (1983; annulled)
                        9. Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt (1986–present)
Children         Francesca Hilton (b. 1947)
Relatives         Magda Gabor, Eva Gabor (sisters, deceased)
First film           Lovely to Look At (LeRoy, 1952)
Last film           A Very Brady Sequel (Sanford, 1996) (cameo)

Zsa Zsa Gabor on the Clive James show:

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