Will Smith and Marc Anthony enjoyed a Game proving the Will Jada split false.

The story that Will Smith and Marc Anthony were seen watching a football game together proving that they were fighting over the same woman. Jada Pinkett Smith has been recently rumoured to split with Will Smith, her husband, and build a relationship with Mark Anthony.

Will and Anthony bonding over in the football game has proven that rumor false. On September 12, they watched the Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots match together from their VIP box. 

Turns out there is more to show. As Mark is a part-owner of the Dolphins, he invited Will and Dwyane Wade to share his luxury box and enjoy the game. They threw their arms around each other, made peace signs and smiled to the camera but Dwayne said after the game that the two's friendship is genuine. 

On the other hand Marc Anthony has just split from her wife Jennifer Lopez and that is why the rumor got credibility but reality proves otherwise.

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