George Clooney comes close to Stacy Keibler publicly

Clooney and Keibler at Vanity Fair 's
film festival, Toronto
American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter George Clooney is seemingly getting closed to Stacy Keibler, 31 year-old American actress, model and former professional wrestler and valet. The WWC and WCW Wrestler attended two parties Saturday night in Toronto, Ontario with her new 50-year-old beau. First the duo hit up star studded Fox Searchlight, Belvedere and Vanity Fair's Toronto Film Festival bash, then ventured to the Grey Goose Soho House party. At both fetes, Keibler was perfectly comfortable with the Hollywood crowd.

They enjoy coffee together and seem quite happy together. But how long they will continue this and how far they will proceed is uncertain as George Clooney said he'll never marry. Clooney split with his Italian actress/model girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, 32, in late June -- amid talk that she was anxious to marry and have a child, while he resented her attention-hogging habits.

"They came together," a partygoer tells me of the twosome. "One of the recurring themes of the night was that Stacy had her own conversations going on and that she wasn't following Clooney around like a puppy dog," a source tells Us Weekly. "They were comfortable and affectionate and seemed socially poised as a couple," a witness tells Us. "The two clearly work not only as a pair, but also independently. [Stacy] really stood on her own. George was not overprotective and didn't have to look after her." "She was confident in her own space," adds the witness. "She would come over to [George] and rub his back, then separate from him again... I've never seen him more comfortable."

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