Arnold Schwarzenegger is held "Captive" in Brazil hoping for "Terminator 5"

Arnold Schwarzenegger has come back with a new thriller "Captive." This former Californian governor is playing the leading role in this sequel to Sylvester Stallone action flick The Expendables. He's in talks to star in "Captive," an indie thriller about an American real estate tycoon (Schwarzenegger) living in Brazil who gets kidnapped and held for ransom, While he tries to escape from an armoured-truck prison cell hidden in a São Paulo landfill. A detective searches to find him. The story of the film is based on a story by Danish film-maker Nicolai Fuglsig.

This 63 year old action star revealed in February that he was planning a high-profile comeback, including a possible fifth Terminator film (the fourth to star Schwarzenegger) and a cartoon TV series (and possible movie) titled The Governator. However, his much-publicised matrimonial problems and allegation of abusing state fund looked likely to derail such ambitions when they were revealed in May.

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