The 5 most dominating, expected and sexiest Perfumes that attract the women throughout the world.

P: 1
Lolita Lempicka
Most unusual perfume of the year 2011
Lolita Lempicka is one perfume that you can "feel" through its luxurious packing. Through the way the golden leaves gently lay upon it, to a finely detailed bottle that almost seems like artwork, it is easy to grasp the amount of work that has been put into this unique product.

P: 2
Eternity by CK
The overall winner of the contest
Eternity by CK is the classic perfume proves once again that some scents remain relevant and dominant throughout the years. This fragrance is of such high quality that this one has grabbed the rankings for 2011.

P: 3
Alfred Sung
Most feminine 2011
Alfred Sung for women is a superb perfume that was chosen by as the fragrance of the month, and that is for several very good reasons. It has a delicate, comfortable scent that wraps you around it. It contains flowers, green florals, musk and woody notes - a great combination.

P: 4
Miss dior
Women's sexiest fragrance 2011
The year is 2011 and this fragrance still dominates the market. It started off in the 40s and it's still a powerful, relevant and fresh. It is very tasteful and such an immortal scent should have the #1 spot in your list reserved for. This is a 1940's perfume that still makes every women that wears it feel sexy. Quite a feat, I would say.

P: 5
Tommy Girl ?!
Cheap and surprising
In spite of its cheap price, for us this is the best casual perfume for 2011. It's a cologne, really, but the quality is Eau da parfum-like. Simple, cheap and smells so nicely. Even Luca Turin has given it 5 stars - a rare grade from a world-famous perfume expert. Crisp, Fresh, Flowery and fruity. Not for everyone as this perfume is a little unusual but surprisingly good. 

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