Arnold Scharzenegger commissioned three bronze statues as remembrances of Mr Olympia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Mr Universe, seven times Mr Olympia (1970–1975, 1980) and ex-republican governor of California (38th 2003–2011), commissions three oversized (almost 9 feet) bronze statues of himself. The TW Bronze of enterprise, Tim Park of Oregon-based sculpture studio, has done two of the three 2.5 metre and 263kg statues. StarPulse reported that the statues are the reproduction of the appearance in his days of competitive bodybuilder.

There is a smaller sculpture with him created in 1980, the year he won his seventh Mr Olympia title and the three statues are the bigger version of that specific one. The "Terminator" star is considering the statues as the display of something that he is still proud of after the separation from his wife Maria Shriver, an affair with a maid Mildred Baena and a allegation of abusing state fund.

The first one of the three will be sent to Austria in the museum dedicated to his life at his childhood home in Thal. The second one will be sent to Columbus, Ohio, where Arnold fitness Weekend is held annually. The program is used to be inspired by this 64 year-old superstar. The third one will be kept by him.

Timothy Parks, owner of TW Bronze of Enterprise said that one of the statues has already sent to Austria and the other on the way to Ohio, "One of them is for Columbus, and I think the plan is to have it there for the next Arnold [Sports Festival]." Schwarzenegger actually has a plan to make seven staues equelling the number of times he won Mr Olympia. So wait for the next Four.

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