Karen Swift, a missing woman, found dead: almost decomposing

Karen Swift, 44 year-old mother of four who had been missing from the day before Halloween and was seen last seen at her home in Dyersburg, a city located about 77 miles north-northeast of Memphis, body was found dead near Bledsoe Cemetery, just 2 miles from her Dyer County home. She was murdered and authorities have launched a homicide investigation to find out the murderer.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge John Mehr said the body, almost unidentified and decomposing, was discovered Saturday in Dyer County. They're not saying how she was murdered and no suspects have been named.

"It's very emotional for Mr. Swift and the family," Timothy Naifeh, a lawyer for the woman's husband, David Swift, said in a statement. Karen Swift had filed for divorce from her husband on October 10. No lingering issues appeared to have been outlined in those court documents, with the couple seeming to agree on a custody arrangement and child support payments for their younger children, among other details. It's probably safe to say that her husband will be looked at closely by investigators though David Smith has been interviewed by police.

It's frightening anytime someone vanishes, and when an adult woman disappears the possibilities of what could happen are endless. It's very sad to think that her husband could be involved in her disappearance, but it's also terrifying to consider that someone is out there in the state of Tennessee preying on women.


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