Lindsey Vonn didn't let the World Cup Super-G tittle go away from home

Lindsey Vonn after winning the tittle
Beaver Creek has become a history for Lindsey Vonn and will remain as an inspiration as long as she is in skiing. Yes on Wednesday Beaver Creek, Colo., course Lindsey Vonn has captured her first World Cup win on U.S. slopes by taking a super-G in front of a big crowd that was cheering her with ringing cow bells. This is  the resort in which she was raised.

She emerged victorious again to thrill more than 2,000 spectators, including dozens of Vail Valley (She is also from that Vail) kids who skipped school for the epic occasion. Upon crossing the finish line and seeing her time, Vonn pumped her ski poles in jubilation, which riled up the raucous hometown crowd even more. It is her her fifth win out of seven races this season and she is third most successful skier in the women's World Cup.

“One of my best races of my career,” Vonn said after winning the first women's race on the Birds of Prey. “Getting a chance to win at home, with a home crowd here, it’s just more than I could’ve expected.” "I woke up feeling nervous and anxious and excited," Vonn, 27, said becoming the first U.S. skier to win four consecutive World Cup races.

The Birds of Prey was designed in 1997 by Swiss Bernhard Russi for the 1999 world championships in Vail, and Vonn was among the volunteers who worked on the piste. The course became a classic of the men's calendar but was not retained for the women's World Cup.
Before her Austria's Renate Goetschl won three world cup tittles and she retired in 2009.


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