The year 2011 is fully for Kate Middeton.

2011 has been momentous for news of revolutions,toppled dictators, dead public figures, scandals and expensive natural disasters. With all these world-changing events, it can't be easy to forget on the part of Princess Kate Middleton.

The newly minted Duchess won the heart of both Prince William and the world, with her easy grace and shiny — so shiny! — hair. She was runner-up for Time Magazine’s Person of the year (“The Protester” won), and was recently named 2011’s best-mannered person (The worst? Kim Kardashian.) Her uterus even made our year-end list of what’s in and out, replacing her sister Pippa’s posterior as the royal body part fueling national speculation.

But mostly, we just envied the way she looked, the dresses and hats she wore and the ease with which she adapted to her new role in the public eye. When it comes to fashion, the Duchess hasn’t made a single misstep. Here are some of her most memorable looks.

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