Emily Watson in Steven Spielberg's new project "War Horse"

The Proposition (2005) and The Breaking the Waves (1996) actress Emily Watson is back on the silver screen in "War Horse" which depicts a connection between a boy and his horse that she compares to that of "star-crossed lovers." The film is derected by Steven Spielberg, who she jokes with On The Red Carpet she would have done anything to work with, including play a "meek mouse" if he asked.

But 44-year-old actress says of "War Horse" that the boy who loves the horse and the horse itself are almost like star-crossed lovers.

"I think it's such a potent combination of an animal, an innocent animal and a savage, savage war. A savage and pointless war and putting this animal into the middle of it. And an animal we've learned to love, because we've learned to love him through the eyes of a boy. They're like star-crossed lovers in a way, and we desperately want them to be together," says Watson, who plays the boy's mother. Jeremy Irvine plays the boy in question and he agrees that the stakes are that high.

"I think when this horse comes into his life, it fills the place of a brother. The stakes need to be that high for him to then go off to the first World War to try and get him back. So I imagined when he's being taken away from me, I kind of imagined what it would be like to have one of my younger brothers being taken away like that," says Irvine.

"War Horse" is now playing nationwide and has been nominated for two Golden Globes (Best Motion Picture Drama and Best Score) and seven Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.


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