Dianna Agron split with Sebastian Stan: fresh flirt begins

Quinn Fabray on the television series 'Glee' Dianna Agron and her boyfriend 'Captain America: The First Avenger' star Sebastian Stan split from one another, according to the New York Post. The break up is because of the pressures of having a long-distance relationship. A source told the New York Post, “Long distance wasn’t working.”

One insider also said that Agron and Stan broke up because she was "super jealous" of any woman who appeared too close to Stan "She was always worried that he was cheating on her while he was away filming," the source tells Us. "But he never would!"

The 25 year-old actress and singer first began dating with "Gossip Girl" actor Stan, 28, in late May, just months after Agron split with her "volatile" ex Alex Pettyfer, her costar in I Am Number Four.

Agron is now spending her days in Los Angeles to film episodes of the hit TV show “Glee” but soon she will be flying to New York to observe Christmas day with her mom. Dianna Agron recently has attended the dinner party of the NYLON and Express Celebration of the December/January issue held at The Writer’s Room on Wednesday night (December 7) in Los Angeles. The Nylon Magazine features the actress on the cover in January 2012 issue.

As she is now single lots of people may try to flirt her. 90210's Trevor Donovan is one of them as "Trevor spent the night(Nylon celebration night) flirting with Dianna, who really didn't seem interested," an onlooker tells Us Weekly.

Agron with 90210's Trevor Donovan 

Dianna Agron with her boyfriend Sebastian Stan who are no more together

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