Katherine Heigl: featured in 'I Hate Balls' animal rights PSA

Dr. Izzie Stevens on ABC's Grey's Anatomy(2005-2010) Katherine Heigl stars in 'I Hate Balls' animal rights PSA. The 33 year-old "Knocked Up" actress is featured in a PSA advocating for pet owners to neuter their pets. The PSA is part of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, which the actress developed with her mother. The foundation has funded spay/neuter programs and also offers financial support for animal rescue organizations.

Heigl is out to change the world with her "I Hate Balls" campaign, to promote animal neutering. She just launched the campaign with a PSA for the Web site ihateballs.com. Heigl says, “I’m movie star and Maxim 100 member Katherine Heigl. I work with the Jason Debus Heigl foundation and a lot of people come up to me and say, ‘Katherine, you promote neutering so much, you must really love animals…’ But the real reason I want you to neuter your pets… I hate balls.”

Heigl and the Jason Debus Heigl foundation just launched IHateBalls.com and filmed a great PSA with Funny or Die to encourage people to neuter their pets. Heigl also posed topless on the cover of US Magazine to promote her new site. So why does Katherine Heigl hate balls? “5 million reasons. That’s the number of pets killed every year in shelters. Join our campaign to rid the world of crotch plums!”

To promote her campaign to help animals she is paratnered with Funny or Die to make the video. In 2012 two films "One for the Money" and "The Wedding" are coming in which she is acting as Stephanie Plum and Lyla Griffin respectively. She is also executive producer of these two films.

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