Lindsay Lohan becomes successful this time: appreciation from Judge

Lindsay Lohan has this time became successful fulfilling the requirment of the probation imposed on her by court. It is weeks after she served a shortened jail sentence for violating it. Last month, the 25-year-old actress was ordered to complete 12 days of community service and four psychotherapy sessions by her next hearing, which took place on Wednesday, December 14. The judge said that day that Lohan completed the required time at a morgue and had five counseling appointments. She has until late March to finish all of her hours.

"Miss Lohan, you have actually done work and done it not only on time but early," the judge told the actress at a Los Angeles court. "You're doing well and I'd like to see you continue." "I think she likes to come here and see me," she added, jokingly. "I think that's a motivation for her. Just kidding."

She also offered Lohan an incentive to succeed, saying the actress could take leisure trips outside California after she completes a dozen days of morgue work a month. The actress had permission from her probation officer to take a trip to Hawaii to celebrate her sister's birthday. She returned just hours before the hearing. The judge even hinted that Lohan might end her supervised probation early if she works harder. Yes, if Lohan Tries, she can do it right.

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