Katy Parry, once a Musical guest, becomes host of "Saturday Night Live" show.

The X Factor(seventh season) and the ninth season of American Idol judge, singer Katy Perry hosts 'Saturday Night Live,' a live American late-night television sketch comedy and variety show, on December 10. Each week, the show features a host who delivers an opening monologue and performs in sketches with the cast. A musical guest also performs. Katy Perry being the musical guest last september hosts the show this week for the first time.

In her first SNL promo spot, Perry joked that her husband Russell Brand, who has hosted the show before, gave her some helpful tips. So, perhaps we can expect — or at least hope for — a cameo from him to help her out even more? But even if Brand doesn’t make an appearance, it seems Perry will be getting a little extra assistance from Matt Damon, who was spotted filming a bit (presumably a Digital Short) with her and Andy Samberg. (Speaking of Damon, the We Bought A Zoo star hasn’t hosted SNL in nearly 10 years. He needs to slip on a pilot uniform and walk briskly right back up to the stage of Studio 8H post-haste.)

Perry seemed a bit nervous during the opening monologue, but thankfully a crew of cast members didn’t let her go it alone. They posed as folks from her hometown who inspired her songs and, yes, she almost kissed a girl (Kristen Wiig, who was dressed in a blue wig and outfit with ice cream cones for breasts, which mirrored Perry’s often outlandish style). In this show  Alec Baldwin made a guest appearance to give another jab to American Airlines, which kicked him off of a flight earlier this week.

Katy Perry in "Saturday Night Live"

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