Emily Watson was brought up withot a television

War Horse actress Emily Watson believes that television is not a good thing for young children's development. Although a great many folk will have been watching re-runs of her old films over Christmas, Emily Watson, the War Horse star, says she has no intention of letting her own children, Juliet, six, and Dylan, two, become couch potatoes.

The 44-year-old actress, left, points to research that shows too much screen time for children – be it television or a computer – endangers their ability to develop empathy with real people. “Credit to my own parents for bringing me up without a television,” the 44-year-old actress says, empathetically.

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Recently she has been chatting about the experience of shooting ‘War Horse’ with director Steven Spielberg, who she says she’d have done anything to work with. Speaking to On the Red Carpet, the British actress simply stated: “It’s Steven Spielberg,” and admitted she would have played a “meek mouse” if asked.
About the film she says, “I think it’s such a potent combination of an animal, an innocent animal and a savage, savage war. A savage and pointless war and putting this animal into the middle of it. And an animal we’ve learned to love, because we’ve learned to love him through the eyes of a boy. They’re like star-crossed lovers in a way, and we desperately want them to be together.”

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