Emma Watson expects privacy in Oxford and says what she is like

Emma Watson,21, full name Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, an English actress and model who rose to prominence playing Hermione Granger, one of three starring roles in the "Harry Potter" film series, has given up English Literature as her major at America's Brown University this April and taking up new course which is not offered at the same University. So she is getting herself admitted at England's prestigious Oxford University after she finishes promotional work for the latest Harry Potter movie. The British beauty was two years into liberal arts (literature) degree at the very Brown University but left because it was too much of a struggle combining her school work with promoting the final two films in the series, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2.’

Little Hermione Granger

Emma – who will return to her degree at Oxford University in October - explained in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I was commuting back and forth between the US and the UK trying to fulfil my commitment to this enormous ‘Harry Potter’ franchise and it just wasn’t feasible. I’m only human".

“I wasn’t getting the best out of either my studies or the filming, so I decided to give a proper goodbye to 10 years of work and resume my studies later.”

Emma Watson hopes students in her native Britain will give her the same privacy she received in America. Watson has now confirmed she will be studying "at home" and hopes her fellow Brits will be as respectful as her former classmates in America.

Major Characters of "Harry Potter"
At a press conference in London, she says, "I will be focusing solely on my studies (after finishing Potter promotion). People were very respectful at Brown of my privacy - and I just hope that will be the same at home." Watson told reporters she hopes to live on campus at college and even take up student drama, but only "if it feels right".

Recently this french born actress tried to figure out what kind of girl she is. The 21-year-old actress admits working on the franchise has ruled her life over the last decade and she is now looking forward to making her own decisions.

She said: “Not a single second of the day was in my power. I was told what time I’d get picked up, what time I could eat and when I could go to the bathroom".

“I have spent more of my life being someone else than I have being myself. “I’ve always had a strong sense of who I am and what I want, but I do need to spend more time figuring that out.”

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