Kim Kardashian has filed suit against the clothing giant 'Old Navy' with a $20 million.

American socialite, television personality, model, and actress Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian has filed suit against the clothing giant 'Old Navy' with a $20 million. The celeb apparently takes issue with an uncanny look-alike that the retailer is using in an ad campaign. A video of a broadcast ad featuring a smiling, dark-haired woman who bears a resemblance to the real Kardashian has been viewed more than two million times on Old Navy's YouTube channel.

The company even tweeted about the Kim twin: "@CBSNEWS reports that Old Navy's Super CUTE star looks like @kimkardashian. #LOL."

Kim's attorney, Gary Hecker, filed the federal lawsuit against Old Navy in U.S. Disctrict Court bright and early this morning, over the retailer's "unauthorized use of Kardashian's name, likeness, identity and persona."

In addition to compensatory and punitive damages—which a source tells E! News could total up to $20 million—Kim is also seeking an injuction against the company for the alleged violations.

Kim Kardashian and her clone Melissa Molinaro 
"I've worked hard to support the products I'm personally involved with that I believe in," Kim said. So why after waiting so long is she only now filing suit? Well, it's not a pride thing—despite the fact that the ad's Kim doppelgänger, Melissa Molinaro, is now rumored to have coupled up with none other than Kardashian ex Reggie Bush.

No, as any good businesswoman can tell you, it's not personal—it's just business. Specifically, the business the Kardashians went into with Sears last year. You don't get to be worth $65 million by not looking out for your sponsors, after all.

"It could ruin her relationship with Sears if she's affiliated with Old Navy," a source explained. "To protect her image, she had to file a lawsuit. She doesn't even mention Melissa in the lawsuit. He name is not even in it. The commercial came out in February and Old Navy was tweeting that she looked 'just like Kim K!'"

On the other hand the representative of Old Navy told E! News, "We have not seen any legal filing/received any such lawsuit, so we cannot comment."

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