Anna Nicole Smith still dominating the world after five year of her death.

It was Feb 8, 2007  Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith died at the age of 39 in her Hollywood, Fla. Like his life time she still dominates the media world and heart of her fans. Hard to believe it's been five years since her death And not just because every year since has been chock-full of headlines—both good and bad—that keep the memory of the infamous Playmate, reality star and, lest we forget, mother alive.

It seemed for more than a decade that Smith was in the news every other day. A few of the major event in her life that shoke everyone. At age 26, Smith married Texas oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall when he was 89. She met him while she was dancing at a strip club in Houston. After his death in 1995, a years-long battle ensued over Marshall's estate before a Supreme Court ruling in 2011 finally denied Smith's estate any part of her late husband's riches.

Smith gave birth to daughter Dannielynn on Sept. 7, 2006, in the Bahamas and three days later her son Daniel, 20, died in mysterious circumstances in her hospital room. Another lengthy battle ensued as two men -- attorney/boyfriend Howard K. Stern and photographer Larry Birkhead -- both claimed to be the father of Smith's new daughter.

Birkhead eventually prevailed in the custody battle and Stern faced continued legal troubles after he and two of Smith's doctors were charged with providing Smith with numerous prescription drugs before her fatal overdose.


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