Britney Spears, a guest star this time in award darling comedy "Modern Family"

Modern Family team

The reality TV show "Britney and Kevin: Chaotic and then comedies "Glee" and and "How I met Your Mother". Now we know that Britney is going to be a guest star in the award darling comedy "Modern Family." We had the news from Spears herself.

She tweeted, "I know everybody is excited about the Super Bowl, but I personally can't wait to see the next episode of Modern Family! Funniest show on TV."

"Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara retweeted it, her co-star Julie Bowen thanked Spears ("holy half shirt! Thanks, Britney!) and some fan enthusiasm and a #GetBritneyOnModernFamily hashtag later, a campaign to get the pop star on the Emmy-winning sitcom as a guest star had begun.

Spears' tweeted response: "Ahhhh I would love to be on it!" A person close to Spears tells TheWrap the singer and her reps hope ABC is as excited about the idea as her fans are.

Spears has already guest starred on "Will & Grace" and "How I Met Your Mother," and a Twitter campaign launched by her manager, Adam Leber, in April 2010 led to her appearance on "Glee" that September. The episode was among the top three highest-rated "Glee" installments ever. ABC reps did not immediately respond to TheWrap's request for comment.

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