Aimee chatted about "Prom" in MuchMusic

Aimee Teegarden, Nicllas Braun and Jonathan Keltz in MuchMusic, Toronto, Canada
Aimee talked about new high school dramedy "Prom"

Aimee Teegarden (born in 1989)
Aimee Teegraden is serious in her work and about her success as a filmstar. She, upon her appearance on MuchMusic's New.Music.Live in Toronto, Canada, with Nicllas Braun and Jonathan Keltz, talked about "Prom".their new film.

'Prom' features a group of teenagers gearing up for the big dance -- only this time, that doesn't mean a choreographed musical number. This new movie is produced by Disney. The main stars are Aimee Teegarden in the role of Nova Prescott, Jonathan Keltz as Brandon, Nicolas Braun as Lloyd and new comer but promising Thomas McDonell as Jesse Richter, an archtypical "bad boy".

In this Disney’s high school dramedy 'Prom,' director Joe Nussbaum follows several intersecting stories replete with all the twisting  emotions that the high schoolers face along the way. 'Friday Night Lights' hottie Aimee Teegarden stars as Nova, the class president and prom committee chair, as she attempts to ensure the night goes off without a hitch. But as the elaborate prom-posals mount, Nova's still waiting for Brandon (Jonathan Keltz), her perfect guy -- or so she thinks -- to ask her to the dance. And then there's Lloyd (Nicholas Braun), who goes all out trying to find a date, despite having barely talked to any of the girls he asks.
Aimee and McDonell in Prom
Thomas McDonell who ( he said ) began pursuing acting as "an experiment" and who will next appear in Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows," plays an archetypal bad boy straight out of a John Hughes flick — sensitive, rebellious, and enticingly misunderstood. In the film, though an outsider, he gets somewhat forced to form a friendship/relationship with 'Friday Night Lights' star Aimee Teegarden's character, Nova Prescott. Unlike the theaters the story certainly hit the box and Aimee  will be hottie again like Friday Night Lights"


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