Kate borrows design from Kelly' s gown.


Kate Middleton's gown, an inspiration from that of Grace Kelly

Kate Middleton might have been inspired by the gown worn by another Royal Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly. Fifty five years ago in April 1956 Grace Kelly married to Prince of Monaco Rainier III and in that wedding Kelly wore a gown almost same to the gown Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wears on the nuptial. Both women highlighted their waistlines with a tight waist and billowing skirt with long train. Both brides wore embroidered veils. Their decolletee was uniquely highlighted with a v-shaped neckline and full-length sleeves of elegant white lace.

The Duchess and The Queen
Kelly's confection was designed by famed Hollywood cosume designer Helen Rose.  Kate's one was designed by Sarah Burton, a creative director of Alexander McQueen.
Though and if Kate Middleton borrowed the design from the Queen, it has it's new and modern look also to be widely copied like the Queen's. The new Duchess' gown has low v-neckline gave the new princess a more modern feel. And she isn't the only one to have take fashion inspiration from Kelly—Ivanka Trump wore a Kelly-inspired dress designed by Vera Wang to her 2009 wedding to Jared Kushner. Also it should be kept in mind that the days have changed and new technologies that have been in vogue can make a great difference and a srutinising look can find all this out. 

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