Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox bond

The Danger Mask of Scream series
Scream 4 brings them together
Neve Campbell (37), A Canadian born American actress says that the relationship between she
Nave Campbell and Courteney Cox
and her co-star in "Scream 4" Courteney Cox (47) has been re-established which was once weakened. The new relation has been mobilized after they worked together in "Sream 4". Earliar Neve said that she was too young to make a friendly relationship with Cox. After working in "Sream 3" directed by Wes Craven, she decided not to do the 4th version. But later she changed her mind and it appears to be the appropriate step as we have got a good horror movie "Scream 4" as well as a good unification of two minds.

Neve Campbell
The actress is continuing her role as 'Sidney Prescott' in the new movie with director Wes Craven and co-stars Cox and David Arquette. During a recent interview, Campbell responded to reports that she and Cox had "bonded" during filming, saying, "When we made the first, the age gap may have seemed larger because I was only 21, but also she was spending a lot of time with David on those films. She's really bright and really witty and very funny and very wise. I adore her". "We hadn't had enough time on the last film to get to know each other properly, and we just sort of fell in love with each other. She's a fantastic woman, really hilarious and wise", she adds. Cox and  her husband David Arquette star alongside in the movie despite the fact that the pair has recently seperated from each other.Campbell says she is sure that Cox and her husband "adore each other" and "still love each other very much" Campbell says she traced no sign of their being split. "In no way did they show that they were going through anything, but she and I did manage to find more time together" says Neve. 'Scream 4' has been well received by audiences and critics, but failed to set the box office on fire.

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Animated children's movie 'Rio' took the top spot with an estimated $40 million in ticket sales. After completing filming duties on 'Scream 4', Neve Campbell will begin the forthcoming drama movie 'Vivaldi', about Antonio Vivaldi's early life. Elle Fanning and Alfred Molina are also working with her.

Short Bio
Name                  Neve Adrianne Campbell
Born                    October 3, 1973
                            Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Father                 Gerry Campbell, an immigrant to Canada from Glasgow, Scotland.
Mother                Marnie, a yoga teacher from Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Occuupation      Actress (1991- present)
Spouse              Jeff Colt (m. 1995–1998)
                           John Light (m. 2007–2010)
First staring      Catwalk in TV (1992-94)
Last(so far)       Sream 4 (2011)
Upcoming         Singularity


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