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Lindsay Lohan is hailed and gets her realization 

Lindsay Lohan after bail
Lindsay got a warm welcome at her return to TV outing after staying five hours in jail and getting out on bail last weak. She was given a standing ovation at the spot. Lohan shot her role in "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Monday that will be broadcast on Tuesday, NBC said.
The greeting will certainly move her to an understanding that she is still loved by them and keep her  from further controversy. Lohan said, "But I am not a kid anymore. I am 24. I have made a lot of mistakes and I recognize that, but I am in the clear now and as long as I stay focused, I will be able to achieve what I want to achieve."

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Lindsay Lohan fears death threat.
Lindsay Lohan is sentenced to jail for the fourth time.
Lindsay Lohan
The flourishing American actress, pop singer and model Lindsay Lohan has just a few hours ago got out of jail on USD 75,00 bond. She got the bail after
she was sentenced to jail by a judge. Actually recently she  is falling in the trap of strict laws again and again. She was waiting to accept her punishment of 120 days jail sentence and for all of that she is very fed up with what not. The 24 years Mean Girls star was charged with probation violation by a judge in Los Angeles on April 22, 2011 and ordered back to jail for a fourth time. Moreover she is also ordered to do 400 hours of community service as she did not pleaded to a misdemeanor charge relating to the theft case of a necklace from a California jewellery store in January, 2011. The judge decided the accusation constituted a violation of her probation stemming from a 2007 Dui charge and Lohan was booked into a California jail before being freed on bail to appeal the sentence. She is very much worried about her career and looking forward to getting her pace back with number of films she opts to start. Her friend and producer Nathan Folks said "she is fine. Obviously, she is upset about (being sentenced to four months in jail)... She is angry because she has been working so hard on turning her life around. She didn't do what they said she did. She didn't steal that necklace." "She is ready to do her time. She wants to go to A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) and N.A. (Narcotics Anonymous) and to serve her 400 hours (of community service). She has already been doing lots of charity work," adds Folks. She was really a trying to recover herself after getting out of court ordered rehab center by attending drink and drugs.
Lindsay and the famous Necklace

Birth and Career
Lindsay Lohan in her good days
Lindsay Lohan ( born July 2, 1986) started her career as a child fashion  model before her debut in Disney's 1998 remake of  the motion picture The Parent Trap when she was just 11. She became even more famous from 2003 to 2005. Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded, Robert Altman's A Prairie Home Companion and Emilio Estevez's Bobby are her famous works. Her career was interrupted by Dui charge in 2007 and she lost several movie deals because of her three visits in rehab facilities. She then stared fresh in TV series Ugly Betty in 2008, starred in the 2009 comedy Labor Pains and appeared in Robert Rodriguez's Machete in 2010. In 2004 she also released an album Speak and in 2005 A Little More Personal (Raw).
Well wishers are now waiting for a good news about her personal life and career.


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