Jim Carrey with diving suit but not in the water

Jim Carrey in Musk
Carrey in new film "The Popper Penguins"

Jim Carrey in hotel with scuba diving suit.

Jim playing pool with diving suit
Hollywood funnyman and famous "Musk" ster Jim Carrey surprised and kept the drinkers think for sometimes at the bar of New York hotel on April 22, 2011. He wore a full scuba-diving suit to a party by his pal artist A.J. Fusco, which was held at the Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar in New York. This comedy master put on goggles, a wetsuit complete with oxygen tank and breathing apparatus much to the amusement of the other guests. The event had an underwater theme and Jim decided to go all out with his costume. “My friends and I were there for an aquatic-theme party, and everybody in the place thought it was hilarious, so what's your problem?” he told the New York Post via his representative. His outfit also came to party holding various sets of shark teeth and handed them to the staff to fix them on each table during the event.
It's really funny, isn't it?

Jim Carrey

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