Blake Lively talks about Louboutin: preparing to become physically strong for role as pilot in 'Green Lantern'

The stylish actress Blake Lively paid homage to her footwear fashion icon, Christian Louboutin, that she decided to wear his trademark bright red coat at a cocktail party to launch his latest line at Barney's in New York City on last night. The designer was so moved by the actress that he immediately swept her up and off her feet in front of the fashionable crowd. The actress, who is reportedly currently dating Ryan Reynolds, giggled and enjoyed every moment of the extra attention.

While the shoe designer and the actress have become fast friends in current years, there are many other fashion designers who have also become enamored with Hollywood's current style icon. Blake can be spotted making the rounds at all the hottest fashion shows and designers have been lining up in hopes that she will step up wearing one of their newest fashions.

The star of 'Gossip Girl' discussed her addiction at a 20th anniversary celebration of Louboutin’s work in New York. Previously, the actress has purchased forty pairs of Louboutins at a time, and is a personal friend of the footwear designer. She gushed to People magazine: “They are the most beautiful shoes out there. And incredibly innovative. It’s embarrassing how many pairs I have.”

Recently Lively snagged the role of fighter pilot Carol Ferris in "Green Lantern," (starring Ryan Reynolds) she realized she was going to need to get physically stronger to do some stunts. So she turned to L.A. trainer-to-the-star 'Bobby Strom,' already on the set training his longtime client Reynolds, then married to Scarlett Johansson, who was also trained by Strom.

Ryan Reynolds with Blake Lively in "Green Lantern"
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Lively with Louboutin brand

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