Demi Moore talked about marriage: promoting new movie "Another Happy Day"

Demi Moore recently has spoken about the complications of marriage between she and her husband Ashton Kutcher in an interview promoting her newest film "Another Happy Day." A rumor of the complecation of their relation over the Kutcher's infidelities has been in the air for last few weeks. It also appears that the controversy and stress has affected her appearance.

"That was the most interesting thing, the unintended pain and hurt that can be caused within a family... and then the need to be heard," Moore told Fox News. "We as human beings have a tendency that, when we are hurt, we want to blame. But when we blame we give our power away. It is so well illustrated (in the film) without being commented or judged. Everyone wants permission to have their pain, and they feel like their pain has been denied."

She continued, "We might feel comfortable being in the black or the white, the yes or no, but the truth is we all live in the gray." "We've all been the victim, and we've all been victimized." Demi Moore, who turned 49 today, was photographed leaving a nail salon in Los Angeles "looking thin and stressed-out while revealing her protruding chest bones," according to US Weekly. "Demi's weight has plummeted since the allegations were first made, shocking onlookers at a New York film premier with her bony figure last month," reported The Sun.
Demi Moore before and after the complication of the
relationship with her husband Kutcher.

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