Jessica Chastain this time will play Diana, the Princess of Wales

The newcomer Hollywood star Jessica Chastain has already had roles in major motion pictures like "The Help" and "The Debt," in addition to acting opposite Brad Pitt in "Tree of Life." She may not win Oscar gold this year for her roles in those films, but it appears she will wear a crown. yes she will wear the crown of Princess Diana in a new film based on Diana bioptic.

Thompson on Hollywood, the Indiewire blog anchored by veteran film journalist Anne Thompson, is reporting that Chastain, 30, will play Princess Diana in a film about the late royal’s love affair with Dr. Hasnat Khan. Though Diana was with lover Dodi Al-Fayed during her infamous fatal car crash, Kahn was believed to be the love of her life. The movie, called “Caught in Flight,” will be directed by Oliver Herschbiegel (“Downfall”) and is slated to begin pre-production in several location such as Pakistan and Angola in March next year.

The project is currently being shopped around at the American Film Market, the annual industry event where financial dealsare sought and made for numerous movies. If “Caught in Flight” does not get the backing it needs, obviously these plans could change. The script of the film has been written by Steven Jeffreys. The news and the news of Jessica Chastain to be choosen for the role of Diana have taken the media world by storm.

Jessica Chastain and Princess Diana, How do the match?

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