Taylor Lautner's espionage thriller "Abduction" hits the screen but the adrenaline ride is not yet over.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 star, American voice actor, model, and martial artist Taylor Lautner's espionage thriller "Abduction" hits the screen months ago, but the adrenaline ride is not yet over.  In December, the John Singleton directed action flick arrives on cable and digital VOD platforms including Movies on Demand, DirectTV / Pay-Per-View, iTunes and more — but it won't be there for long.

"Abduction" can be at your hand for rent for an exclusive two-week window from December 22 through January 4, giving fans the chance to see the Lautner-starring action vehicle over the holiday season. In addition to the full movie, an "Abduction" featurette will also be available if someone demands it, giving you added insight into Lautner's latest pulse-pounding adventure.

Lautner stars in "Abduction" as Nathan Harper, a normal teenager living a normal life with his normal parents (Jason Isaac and Maria Bello) — except they're not his parents after all. Through a series of deadly events, Nathan realizes that he's not who he thinks he is, leading him on a dangerous path of self-discovery that's bound to burn the bad guys down in the process. In addition to Lautner, "Abduction" features an all-star cast that includes "Aliens" hero Sigourney Weaver, "Spider-Man" villain Alfred Molina, and "Mirror Mirror" lead Lily Collins.

Recently to MTV News Lautner said about Honeymoon Scene The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1, "I've seen Edward and Bella go through a lot so far, so I feel like I was kind of ready to see this," Lautner said. "I think everybody will feel the same way. We've seen Edward and Bella in their relationship grow so much that it's about time."

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