"21 Jump Street," the first film trailer: suitable for adult?

21 Jump Street scene

"21 Jump Street," the first trailer starring Jonah Hill (Get Him to the Greek, Moneyball) and Channing Tatum (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), was released November 2 in a 'red band' version for 'mature' audiences with restricted material -- in this case foul language. It is funny at times, contains a whole lot of swear words and delivers some formulaic comedy situations. (Crazy party! Drug taking! Ice Cube saying “Twittersphere”!)

Jonny Depp past and present
Actually "21 Jump Street" is an American police procedural crime drama television series that aired on the Fox Network from April 12, 1987, to April 27, 1991, with a total of 103 episodes. The series focused on a squad of youthful-looking undercover police officers investigating crimes in high schools, colleges, and other teenage venues.

Co-written by Hill, this redo of the 1980s television series starring Johnny Depp (also stared in the TV show), who will appear in the film, features Hill and Tatum as young undercover cops in a high school. But fans of the original Johnny Depp led TV show will notice that the two “Jump Streets” have very little in common. Former rapper Ice Cube (Barbershop) and Dave Franco (James' brother) are also starring in it. The trailer is directed by by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and hit the screen on March 16, 2012.
21 Jump Street TV show squad

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