Jennifer Aniston, her beau Justin Theroux and Paul Rudd in new Theatrical Trailer "Wanderlust"

Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston in "Wanderlast"

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux was supposed to go down the aisle as it was earlier. But due to some unavoidable reason it is impossible now. However the pair demonstrates some chemistry in the trailer for their upcoming film, "Wanderlust(releasing in February next year)." Aniston, 42, and Theroux, 40, got close on the set of the R-rated comedy, which follows Aniston and Paul Rudd as they leave their city lives and land in a clothing-optional hippie commune.

"Wanderlust," starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston playing a couple who decide to live life on the road after Rudd loses his job, seems like a legitimately funny movie. But is there any way we can look at the trailer for movie and think anything other than "oh, so this is where Jen met her new boyfriend"? Because really, that's all we can picture
Jennifer Aniston and Justin TherouxA scene in "Wanderlust"

The trailer, which hit the internet Friday, features Theroux as a scruffy, hippie member of the commune who gives Aniston a rather suggestive lesson in goat-milking. The movie, which is directed by David Wain, looks pretty hilarious, and is chock full of cameos from The State alums and other funny people the group's adopted over the years. Paul Rudd co-wrote the script with fellow  Ken Marino.

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