Megan Fox debuts famous annual project Broadway for one night only

The "Transformers" star Megan Fox is bound to famous annual project Broadway for one night only this November 11 when she stars alongside other Hollywood celebrities (actors, writers and directors) in the hit “24 Hour Plays” project.

In the production 24 stars team up with six writers, six directors and two musical guests to product six plays, one day later the actors perform them in front of a live audience. Jesse Eisenberg, Julia Stiles, John Krasinski, Jason Biggs, Tracy Morgan, Jack McBrayer, Sarah Silverman and Woody Harrelson are also among the 24 actors taking part.

All of the plays will be staged on 14 November and will be hosted by comedian Rob Brydon at the American Airlines Theatre with proceeds going to support Urban Arts Partnership which aims to advance ”the intellectual, social and artistic development of underserved public school students through arts-integrated education programs to close the achievement gap.”

In "Transformers"

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