Gyllenhaal Margarat Gyllenhaal is hosting a new show 'CURIOSITY' on the secret of sex

American actress and daughter of director Stephen Gyllenhaal Margarat Gyllenhaal, 33, is hosting a new show 'CURIOSITY' on the secret of sex and other related topics. A press release for the show says, "In this all-new CURIOSITY episode, Maggie Gyllenhaal hosts a revealing investigation into the latest scientific research of orgasms, sexual pleasure and more." This is a Discovery Channel's new episode that asks the question, "Why is sex fun?"

The press release also says that, "Sexual pleasure is among the most prized, meaningful and richest experiences known to man," the release says. "But the orgasm is a true scientific puzzle." All this more important things will be before the audience and Maggie Gyllenhaal will talk to the people facing those many related problems and inquiries.

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