Lady Gaga starts VMA with theatrics and then sang as Spear and Selena did

MTV"S Sunday night's Video Music Awards ceremony has seen some good performances as well some unexpected but funny occurrences like the one Lady Gaga  did. The Award ceremony starts with Lady Gaga delivering a long monologue casting her Male alter ego Jo Calderone as a jilted lover left behind by his famous ex. But it did not surprised but it wasn't the act that viewers might have been expecting. But it is Gaga, 25, and her career is littered with theatrics. More often than not, she's skirted the line between entertainment and controversy, but her cross-dressing bit as "Joe Calderone" was as tired and worn-out as the gratuitous guitar solos that clutter "You and I."

Dressed in drag as her male alter ego, she crossed with her VMA opening was the one that separated excess from eye-rolling. Her Calderone character came off as little more than an extra from "The Outsiders," or maybe she was just referencing MTV's "Jersey Shore," strutting around the stage with cigarette in hand and a tension-less monologue that was about nothing more than Gaga herself. "What's with the hair? At first it was sexy and now I'm just confused," Gaga as Calderone said to forced laughter, likely echoing many-a-viewer's thoughts.

Among other singers Britney Spears and Beyonc√© onstage together; Gaga herself was backed by a legendary rock guitarist; Adele pitting a stripped-down stage show against the likes of surprise performers Jay-Z and Kanye West's pyrotechnics; and legendary grunge trio Nirvana name-checked by Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Chris Brown like it was 1991. It was totally a female night. This year Selena Gomez has experienced a new role as she interviewed the participants including her boyfriend Justin Bieber and enjoyed the show with different angle, off course she sang too.

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