The Social Network actor Jesse Eisenberg delivers pizza in '30 Minutes or Less'

The Social Network actor Jesse Adam Eisenberg now will be seen delivering pizza  and his name is Nick. Morover he is forced to rob a bank. Did he changed the name to do the job. Oh no, he is  doing the job as usual i.e. filming. Eisenberg stars as Nick, a down-on-his-luck pizza delivery man duped into robbing a bank by having a bomb strapped to him in the action-comedy “30 Minutes or Less,” out Friday in theaters everywhere.

“Part of the fun is how these two regular guys (Eisenberg as Nick and Aziz Ansari of TV’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ as Chet) got into a Steve McQueen-(style) action movie,” Eisenberg said. “I’m a pizza delivery guy and he’s an elementary school teacher, and we are thrust into this (situation) where we’re forced to rob a bank.”

Eisenberg and Aziz Ansary
This was the reaction from Eisenberg when he and Conan O'Brien  appear on  "Self-Efface Off" hosted by Andy Richter promoting this fast-paced comedy of errors.

“The bad guys in movie are pretty evil,” Eisenberg said. “Luckily, they’re played by these funny and sweet guys, Danny McBride (from HBO’s ‘Eastbound and Down’), Nick Swardson and Michael Pena, so the darkness of the movie is offset by the silliness these guys bring to their roles.”

As unlikely as the pizza-man-in-the-bomb-vest scenario is, it does parallel the case of Brian Wells of Erie, Pa., who died after robbing a bank with a bomb strapped to him in 2003. Wells’ family told the Associated Press that they are upset with filmmakers. A spokesman for Sony’s Columbia TriStar Motion Pictures said actors and filmmakers were unaware of the 2003 Wells case, although the screenwriters were vaguely aware of it.

“I know of the story now, and my heart goes out to that family for the terrible tragedy they suffered,” Eisenberg said. “The movie is very dissimilar, and when they see it they’ll realize that right away. This was sent to me as story of fictional characters put into this crazy situation that I thought would lend itself to a really good movie.”

Eisenberg knows about those. His resume includes 2007’s “The Squid and the Whale” and 2009’s “Adventureland” and “Zombieland,” the latter directed by Ruben Fleischer, the helmsman for “30 Minutes or Less.” But it was last year’s “The Social Network” that put Eisenberg’s career into another orbit, thanks to his steely portrayal of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Eisenberg was nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award for the role. In the past year, Jesse Eisenberg has been nominated for an Academy Award for best actor, hosted “Saturday Night Live” and starred in the animated smash “Rio.”

Eisenberg delivering pizza

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