Glen Campbell' new album and farewell tour is coming soon is spite of his disease

Four Grammy Award winner American country pop singer, guitarist, television host and occasional actor Glen Travis Campbell is still positive in his outlook to life. It is something special about him as he is suffering from Alzhimer's, a disease that causes people loose their memory. In an interview with ABC's Terry Moran after the disease being diagnosed in June he says it is blessing on him that he has had five successful decades in music. He also says that not because of disease but he naturally is a little bit forgetful.

An interview which was telecasted on "Nightline" on August 24 he says,"I've always been forgetful anyway." Campbell, 75, also discussed about his coming album, "Ghost of the Canvas" and upcoming farewell tour that will start at the end of August 2011. His wife Kim Wollen supports him in his career and said Moran, "Music is a natural memory aid, and we're finding out, we think it really does help his memory and help keep him from declining." She also added they want to get on with music as long as they can as she believes that "music is good medicine."

Glen Campbell in "True Grit"

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