Paul Rudd is not an idiot in personal life at all as in "Our Idiot Brothers"

"Clueless," "Wet Hot American Summer," "Anchorman," "40 Year-Old-Virgin," "Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers," star Paul Rudd, 42, is not an idiot in his personal life at all as we see in "Our Idiot Brothers." This actor and producer is one of the greatest of his kind especially comic in Hollywood. He is unafraid of embracing slightly dorky characters who make people laugh and have enjoyment.

In his new film, "Our Idiot Brother" opening on Friday, he embraces his inner hippie and shares the screen with three high-powered actresses (Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer) playing his neurotic New York sisters. His character -- the under-achieving, homeless, Croc-wearing brother Ned -- wreaks havoc in their lives. Rudd recently sat down with Reuters to talk about portraying the easy-going Ned, the joys of tie-dyed T-shirts and why he's not shy about kissing dogs.

Paul Rudd in "Our Idiot Brothers"
He said whenever asked whether "Our Idiot Brothers" is a broad comedy, "Not at all. There's lots of drama. You hear the title and see the main character with his beard and long hair, but I don't think Ned's an idiot. He's a gentle soul, and makes some idiotic decisions -- there's no getting around that. But we wanted to make it very clear he's living his life a certain way, and it's a conscious decision. He has an ethic he subscribes too, and it's not always easy for him. The cracks show in some scenes, and that's important. You don't want it to look like he's just out to lunch."

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