Taylor Swift tops the list bumping Paul McCartney to no.2 on July's summer ticket-sellers chart

American country pop singer-songwriter, musician and actress Taylor Swift tops the list on Summer ticket-seller chart bumping Paul McCartney to no.2. 6.3 percent of all concert tickets sold via TicketsNow last month. TicketsNow has released the numbers for July’s summer concerts in its monthly Entertainment Index. McCartney’s tour ends last week in Cincinnati; meanwhile, Swift will continue her hot streak across North America through November. 

Rounding out July’s top five sellers are Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour, Lil Wayne’s I Am Still Music tour and U2′s 360 tour, which wrapped its two-year marathon run on July 30 in Canada. In the grander scheme of things, T-Swift’s concert clocks in at No. 6 on the list of overall events selling tickets through TicketsNow. The U.S. Open tennis tournament took July’s top honor, accounting for almost one-fifth of all tickets sold on TicketsNow.com. The tour starts on August 3 and continue upto Novemver 22.

Here is the list and venue of her concert:

Date:                       Venue:
August 3                   Washington, District of Columbia
August 6                 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 9                 Chicago, Illinois
August 10              Chicago, Illinois
August 13          St. Louis, Missouri
August 14         St. Louis, Missouri
August 18         Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
August 19          Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
August 23          Los Angeles, California
August 24         Los Angeles, California
August 27          Los Angeles, California
August 28          Los Angeles, California
September 1         San Jose, California
September 2      San Jose, California
September 3      Sacramento, California
September 6      Portland, Oregon
September 7      Tacoma, Washington
September 10     Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
September 11    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
September 16     Nashville, Tennessee
September 17    Nashville, Tennessee
September 20    Bossier City, Louisiana
September 21    Tulsa, Oklahoma
September 24    Kansas City, Missouri
September 27    Denver, Colorado
September 28    Salt Lake City, Utah
October 1         Atlanta, Georgia
October 2         Atlanta, Georgia
October 4         Little Rock, Arkansas
October 5         New Orleans, Louisiana
October 8         Dallas, Texas
October 11        Louisville, Kentucky
October 14        Lubbock, Texas
October 15        Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 20        San Diego, California
October 21          Phoenix, Arizona
October 22         Phoenix, Arizona
October 25        San Antonio, Texas
October 26        Austin, Texas
October 29        Lexington, Kentucky
October 30        Memphis, Tennessee
November 5      Houston, Texas
November 11     Jacksonville, Florida
November 12    Tampa, Florida
November 13    Miami, Florida
November 16    Charlotte, North Carolina
November 17    Raleigh, North Carolina
November 18    Columbia, South Carolina
November 21    New York, New York
November 22    New York, New York

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Taylor Swift with Selena Gomez

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