Kim Kardashian may be too much worried about weight before her wedding on August 20.

Kim Kardashian has appeared with a new look and figure at the Do Something Award celemony on August 14 night. She has already been a owner of a envious body but it looks like she is ever more concerned about her weight before her marriage with Humhries, 26, NBA's New Jersy Nets forward.

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To-be Mrs. Kris Humphries, whose Vera Wang gown earned compliments from Tyra Banks, might be just as concerned about fitting into her dress as the next bride. Kardashian has reportedly enlisted the aid of two star trainers and cut fat and sugar from her diet. Kardashian's focus on how she'll look in the wedding photos may be a sign that pre-wedding weight anxiety affects far too many women. 
In fact, it turns out to be a rather well-studied topic. Take a 2009 paper in the Journal of Health Psychology, which surveyed 879 Australian brides. It found that nearly 75% had resolved to exercise more and to follow a healthy eating plan," and more than 35% said they would cut fat or carbs from their diets.

"Kim" Kardashian has a few days ago been widely discussed as she filed a suit against the clothing giant 'Old Navy' with a $20 million for the issue of an uncanny look-alike that the retailer is using in an ad campaign. Melissa Molinaro, the look alike, in response to the lawsuit said that Kardashian has enough time to do that kind of activity-a attack. 

Kardashian's wedding is only a week away, August 20. While the last-minute wedding details are being buttoned-up, Kim's trying to keep busy and stress-free. So, last night she appeared at the Do Something Awards in LA and gabbed with her friend Tyra Banks. The model even offered up a bit of a hint about Kardashian's wedding fashion!
“I gave [Kim] the advice of going with a silhouette that the world isn’t used to seeing her in," the style maven said.

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