Rafael Nadal's autobiography makes us know that he is a 'scary cat' and comtemplated into golf once.

Ten times Grand Slam winner Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal's autobiography "Rafa " is going to be released on Tuesday August 23, 2011. The book is written with John Carlin. 'Rafa' is a part of his name or nick name (His full name being Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera). In this memoir of 250 pages he writes what his stimuli behind his tennis playing and rising to the fame. He also writes that he was contemplating to move into golf after the serious injury in his foot in 2005 and said he was "without appetite for life." There comes out some of the interesting information about his life.

Nadal doesn't like animals, especially dogs. "I doubt their intentions," he writes. His mother Ana Mar√≠a Parera labels him a "scaredy cat" as he always sleeps keeping light on. He does not like thunderstorm but as a driver he is very fast as her sister calls him terrible driver. When he was a child he believed his uncle Tom able to stop raining. He is very obedient and docile child who became the "family mascot" inside a close-knit family. "something Sicilian … without the malice or guns," Carlin writes. More to learn about his life when you get your copy.

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