Five time NBA champion Dennis Rodman enters the Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday july 12, 2011.

Five time NBA champion Dennis Rodman enters the Hall of Fame on Friday july 12, 2011. So we will not see him any more making millions of dollars playing basketball anymore. Just only one season he averaged double digits in scoring column. It's really and amazing and we are not going to see him doing that job any more.

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D-Rod, who showed up to Thursday's Hall of Fame press conference in the same halter top he's pictured in at the top of this post (seriously), will reportedly arrive at Friday's Hall of Fame induction in a very Rodman-esque way. Rodman was able to put together a 14-year career, including 12 great ones split between the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls, before cameos with the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks at the tail end of his time in the NBA.

Three among the five NBA championship are with the Bulls during their second threepeat and two with the Detroit Pistons before he'd started dying his hair -- while leading the league in rebounding seven seasons in a row and picking up a pair of Defensive Player of the Year awards to go with his All-Star game invites early in his career. In reality, he probably deserved even more accolades during his career, but the Hall of Fame induction at least validates how valuable he was.

Off the court, Rodman was as eccentric as anyone who's ever played the game as he'd wear dresses, date Madonna and Carmen Electra and wrestle in the WCW whilst staying as dominant as one who rarely scores can be when it came time to play basketball.

There wasn't a player like him before, and probably won't be ever again, which makes the Worm a worthy Hall of Fame inductee. Rodman was born on May 13, 1961 in Trenton, New Jersey, USA.  He started Playing as small forward in his early years before but soon became a power forward.  He was also called "Dennis the Menace" and "The Worm."

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